Who will Luffy finally end up with in One Piece?


One Piece author, Eiichiro Oda, has admitted that romance isn’t a plethora focal point or a part of the sequence. Nonetheless, that doesn’t cruel that there aren’t any indicators of it.

Future Luffy’s real love has all the time been meat, the delivery discussions had been constant all through the sequence.

Monkey D. Luffy will finally end up with Boa Hancock. Frankly, there’s nobody higher to take care of the week Pirate King than the Pirate Empress herself. If now not her, Luffy will most probably finally end up unwanted as Oda has said romance isn’t a fat a part of One Piece.

Why will Luffy Finally end up with Hancock?

It hasn’t been showed formally, however maximum fanatics speculate and guess that Luffy goes to finally end up with Boa Hancock.

Luffy and Boa satisfy some lovely tropes like enemies to enthusiasts, as to start with Hancock had an adversarial dating with Luffy and was once the antagonist of the Amazon Lily arc.

Next on, because the Height Conflict Saga spread out, their roles shifted, and she or he in the long run become Luffy’s best friend and began to fall in love with him. Then witnessing his selfless nature and noticing that he didn’t pass judgement on her even nearest figuring out of her month.

Whom will Luffy marry at the end? Will it be Hancock?

She had brazenly confessed her emotions for Luffy and proposed to marry him. Luffy had immediately out unwanted Boa Hancock’s preliminary proposal.

This will also be chalked as much as the truth that Luffy has little interest in romance on the past as he’s too inquisitive about reaching his major targets, identical to a Shonen protagonist must be.

Some other factor to say is that Hancock’s love for Luffy even brought about her to show in opposition to the Global Executive on a number of events. Hancock may be very unswerving to Luffy in spite of him rejecting her proposal.

But, Luffy is almost certainly getting to marry Hancock as soon as he fulfills his objective, identical to Gol D. Roger did. The pair of a Pirate King and a Pirate Empress is not anything however a super One Piece send, get it?

Luffy has little interest in romance, however he does love meals, and from the beginning, Hancock is proven to are aware of it completely neatly. For the reason that used days, Hancock has taken superior assist of Luffy’s urge for food.

All the way through the two-year era skip, she learns to cook dinner and turns into professional in cooking meat which is Luffy’s favourite dish, it feels like some romance is cooking between the 2.

One simple factor that might aid Boa Hancock rise along Luffy is that she has the energy to rise along him all the way through fight.

She belongs to Amazon Lily, a folk recognized for its ladies whose management and social standings are primarily based purely on energy.

Because the island’s ruler, Boa is the most powerful of all of them, They’d be a superbly tough couple.

She is a pirate and, in some way, a worker of Luffy’s. They percentage indistinguishable ambitions and historical past as leaders in their respective crews.

Some other noteceable issue is that One Piece’s author recognizes and takes a accumulation of inspiration from Dragon Ball. This contains the whole lot from Akira Toriyama’s hunt for a MacGuffin to the spirited and gluttonous major persona.

Because of this, the likelihood is that One Piece would possibly practice nearest Dragon Ball via having its major persona marry a warrior princess of a extraordinary land, similar to Boa Hancock.

Some other parallel will also be interested in the Shonen anime Naruto, the woman who chases the protagonist from the beginning will get him irrespective of the preliminary being lacking reciprocated emotions.

If so, it was once NarutoxHinata, and right here it might be LuffyxBoa.

Why will Luffy finally end up with nobody romantically?

Smartly, Luffy is anyone who deeply yearns sovereignty. This craving is the very explanation why at the back of his objective of turning into the Pirate King, and up to now, he has been undeterred from his utmost objective.

It might be nice-looking to look him develop to his most powerful self, finishing up bagging the capitaltreasury, getting a lady, and forming a society.

Then again, as a shounen anime and a protagonist who loves sovereignty and is lunatic to reach his targets, marriage would possibly business as a shackle for him.

As soon as he accomplishes his targets, Luffy would possibly come to a decision to go into matrimony or even embody fatherhood, following within the footsteps of the previous Pirate King.

Whether or not he’s going to excel or now not as a father rest unsure, as his center is without end interested in the attract of journey and the boundless sea.

Who is aware of, perhaps he’s going to even shoot his society in conjunction with the Straw Hat workforce to embark on unutilized adventures and lift his kids like that after he achieves the identify of the Pirate King.

Predicting Luffy’s week is futile since he’s an impulsive soul, guided only via the instincts of the past.

For now, we will most effective anticipate the continuation of Luffy’s brilliant quest for the capitaltreasury “One Piece” and hope for extra pleasant surprises like having a society round.

May just Luffy in all probability finally end up with anyone else?

If now not Boa, later are there any possibilities of the alternative ladies round Luffy finishing up with him? Right here’s a snip record and their shot at getting Luffy.


Reverse draws, and that can be the case for Luffy and Nami. Luffy is all energy with out a brains, past Nami has the brains however deny energy like Luffy. They supplement every alternative.

Either one of their targets additionally supplement every alternative, as Nami’s dream is to discover and map all the global, and Luffy additionally needs to discover all the global and turn out to be the Pirate King; therefore they’re going to almost certainly stick round for a protracted era.

Whom will Luffy marry at the end? Will it be Hancock?

It could backfire, even though, as she almost certainly needs that sovereignty to perform her personal targets instead than being fix indisposed via a society.

Luffy saves all his Nakama, however in terms of preserve Nami, there’s a tiny difference. Nami and Robin’s tales are very indistinguishable in the way in which they had been built. Each become a part of the workforce provisionally, and each made up our minds to shed the workforce.

When Robin leaves, nearest being with the workforce for at some time, Luffy does now not chase her in an instant. He comes to a decision to practice her and save her nearest figuring out the the explanation why she left.

But, in terms of preserve Nami from Arlong, Luffy doesn’t wish to know why she made up our minds to shed. He simply needs to save lots of her with none explanation why.

Additionally, Luffy says, “I don’t want to sail without her.” Why does Luffy, who has the ambition to turn out to be a Pirate King, say one thing like that regarding a thief who has already betrayed and deceived him time and again?

Luffy hasn’t ever expressed this kind of concept to someone of his workforce. He would shed with out Usopp if his pals had now not introduced his apologies and requested to go back. He would additionally by no means stored Robin if he had now not discovered why she had made up our minds to shed.

As well as, Nami is these days twenty years used, and Luffy is ready 19. As in comparison to Boa, their dating may well be extra suitable as Boa is a staggering 12 years used than him

Additionally, Nami and Luffy have shared extra moments in combination as in comparison to Boa, as Nami has been with him because the starting.

Nami could also be some of the few community Luffy entrusts his capitaltreasury, the “Straw Hat” to. That simply presentations the quantity of agree with Luffy has in Nami.

Luffy finishing up with Nami may be very most probably. The best way he is going the difference mile for Nami and likewise how Nami’s punches harm our rubber guy may well be a touch to this pair. However, Luffy in all probability simply needs Nami as a part of the Straw Hat workforce, her being the navigator and having the brains.


Nico Robin is the 7th member of the workforce and the 6th member to connect Luffy’s workforce on the finish of the Arabasta Arc and likewise the second one Satan Fruit person.

Luffy and Robin get alongside extraordinarily neatly with every alternative in spite of their rare conversations.

Robin may be very thankful to Luffy for having stored her pace two times. Because of her month, she struggled to discover a playground she may just name house till she met Luffy and joined his workforce.


She were betrayed via everybody she was once similar to on account of cash and grew chilly and isolated from everybody.

 Then again, Luffy warmed her up and satisfied her that she must are living even supposing the arena does now not need her to and made her connect his workforce.

She has a deep recognize for him as her Captain and does the rest Luffy says, and he’s the explanation she strives to turn out to be higher and more potent.

Luffy cares for Robin a accumulation and does now not survive someone hurting her. He has religion in her skills and trusts her utterly.

Upon finding out of Ace’s dying, she become very fascinated with him, and her dating with Luffy can very best be described as motherly, as out of all of the workforce participants, she is via some distance probably the most affected person and calmness with him.

In conclusion, in spite of their similar dating, there’s no prospect of Luffy and Robin finishing up in combination, as it sort of feels like they percentage a society type of bond, and Robin is almost certainly getting to finally end up with Franky.


Nefertari Vivi is a princess of the Alabasta Kingdom and a former member of the Straw Hat Pirates. She and Luffy are similar pals, in spite of having began as enemies.

Despite the fact that she is steadily astounded via his laid-back angle and recklessness, she utterly trusts him.

Whom will Luffy marry at the end? Will it be Hancock?

She is very thankful for his aid and wishes to practice him on his go to true sovereignty in spite of her tasks as a princess.

Luffy sees Vivi as a sort particular person and desires to aid her. Regardless, he additionally thinks of her as naive and is resistant to proceed serving to her at one level till she understands his reasoning.

However, he cares a accumulation for her and was once stuffed with sadness when she didn’t connect his workforce.

The connection between the two of them is certainly one of mutual recognize and friendship. The possibilities of Luffy and Vivi finishing up in combination are similar to none. But even so, there’s her youth pal, Koza, whom she is most probably getting to finally end up with.

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About One Piece

One Piece is a Jap manga sequence written and illustrated via Eiichiro Oda. It’s been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Leap album since July 22, 1997, and has been accrued into 95 tankōbon volumes.

The person who had bought the whole lot on this global, the Pirate King, is Gol D. Roger.

The general phrases he mentioned on the execution tower had been, “My treasures? If you want it, I’ll let you have it. Look for it; I left all of it at that place.”

Those phrases despatched many to the seas, chasing their desires, headed towards the Magnificent Sequence, looking for One Piece. Thus, started a unutilized future! Looking for to be the best pirate globally, younger Monkey D. Luffy additionally heads towards the Magnificent Sequence searching for One Piece.

His various workforce is becoming a member of him alongside the way in which, consisting of a swordsman, marksman, navigator, cook dinner, physician, archaeologist, and cyborg-shipwright. This can be one memorable journey.

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